E3 2018- Judgment Call- Devolver Digital

E3 2018- Judgment Call- Devolver Digital

This article has been written by a very special guest- Gregg Turknington. Take it away, Gregg!

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He totally wrote for my blog….I swear!

Hello, Everyone! I’m Gregg Turknington for another episode of On Cinema at the Cinema. Today, we have quite a treat- instead of a movie, will we look at an E3 conference. While I don’t know much about video games- I very much prefer movies and vhs tapes, but I’m sure that this even will go down in history as another popcorn classic! So lets begin!


Metal Wolf Chaos is back, baby!– That’s right- the cult-classic Japanese OG Xbox game about the president of the united states getting into a mech to save America is finally coming stateside, courtesy of Devolver Digital. If successful, it could mean that we could get a bunch of other Japanese only games. Only time will tell…. #mechamericagreatagain

An entertaining conference all around– Full of Devolver’s over the top and violent humor, their short press conference needs to be seen to believe! I’m not going to spoil it either- watch it for yourself- right here, if you want! Destined to be a popcorn classic for sure! (Language and Violence Warning!)


The other games– They don’t look awful, but there wasn’t a lot of them. Yeah, they just look okay. I don’t have anything else to say.


Lack of games in general– Literally only three games were shown. THREE. GAMES! To be fair, the whole thing was only thirty minutes long, but I expected at least five. Still, I wish there was more.

No Serious Sam 4- Where is Sam? Sam I am? I need Sam! No more spam.



Winners- Metal Wolf Chaos XD, The Audience

Loser- Nina Struthers


All in all, Devolver Digital’s confrence was a treat for the whole family! I was on my seat the entire time, and was blown away! I give Devolver Digital five bags of popcorn, and a little Devolver Digital logo.


This has been Gregg Turkington from On Cinema at the Cinema. Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you guy next time. Take it away, Champ!

Yeah, Devolver Digital’s conference was as insane as you would expect it to be, full of violence and satire, and is defiantly worth a watch in itself. However, there was nothing to really note, other then Metal Wolf Chaos. Since the presentation itself was entertaining, I give it a 4 out of 7. Can’t wait for next year to see what crazy s@#t they have in store!


Is Gregg Turkington right? Does this conference deserve five bags of popcorn? Let me know in the comments below!

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