E3 2018- Judgment Call- Bethesda

E3 2018- Judgment Call- Bethesda

This was written after I saw every conference up to Nintendo’s. Just thought you should know!

Once again, Bethesda holds a show of their own. You may think they might not have enough to warrant an entire press conference, but they proved, once again, that sometimes less is more (unlike Sony’s, which will we get to soon!).

Bethesda actually had some juicy announcements this time. I’m just going to go right for it, out of the gate-


Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI both confirmed to be in development!– This is the best thing to come from the showing- Starfield was rumored to show up at E3 2017, but was not even mentioned. Here, it was finally confirmed, and though we don’t know a lot about it, Todd Howard did confirm that if would be a “next-gen” project. Can’t wait to see what’s in store! Of course, another big announcement was that Bethe is indeed working on Elder Scrolls VI- again, its very vague on where exactly in Tamriel it’s located, but its just nice to know that both game will be coming- even if they are years away.

It’s Happening!

Doom 2016 gets a Sequel!– Titled Doom:Eternal (not to be confused with Eternal Doom, a megawad by TeamTNT) DE seems to have everything you would want in a sequel to one of the best reboots in years- More demons, including the fearsome Archvile (Vinesauce Joel is sure to love that!) and it taking place on a nearly destroyed earth means we’ll have a lot to rip and tear soon! (More info is coming at Quakecon 2018!)

Can’t wait to make a overly long map in Snapmap that chat hates!

Prey gets more support!– Even though it had a weak launch and went on sale quickly, Bethe has decided to support Prey with new DLC and a new mulitplayer mode! This is good news- while I didn’t finish the game, I know a good game when I see one, and might pick it back up.

Quake Champions is free!– That’s right! Better get yours today, as the game doesn’t go F2P for another few months! From the little I played, it’s actually not as bad as people told me. See for yourself!

Andrew W.K. showed up!– It’s Andrew WK! Who doesn’t love him?

Yes. This was the first thing I thought of when he appeared on stage. Take of that what you will.


Fallout goes multiplayer….and I don’t know how to react!– Yeah, I have no idea how to feel about Fallout 76, Bethesda’s first foray into a muliplayer version of one their games (ESO was done by a different group, I believe) While they said that the experience you know and love is there, I’m weary about the always online and multiplayer aspect. If I want to play solo, can I get killed by a Player Killer? How does the game work? Theres just so many questions! We’ll hopefully get more information in the coming months. Until then, I’ll be somewhat cautious.

The sequel no one asked for looks alright– Yeah, I don’t know about Rage 2. What they showed looks pretty good, but I’m still unsure if Rage needed a sequel, as the first felt somewhat like a tech demo for megatextures and what not. Might play it-might not.

ESO, Wolfenstien and others get some new content– I stopped playing Elder Scrolls Online months ago. It wasn’t bad per-se, but I just didn’t like how every time I would get in it, they would release new paid content- I always felt like I was never getting the full experience. Same thing here- ESO gets another expansion. I haven’t finished the vanilla content! Too much content for me to deal with! Also, a new Expansion for Wolfenstien II is coming as well. I probably should play though the New Order…

New Mobile game that doesn’t look like complete garbage– Elder Scrolls:Blades is set to actually resemble somewhat of a game when it releases later this year. Don’t know if I’d play it, but it looks a hell of a lot better then EA’s bastardization of C&C and Microsoft’s Funko pop game.


There’s really not a lot of bad things to mention, but I made up a few

No gameplay and vague information– This is somewhat to be expected, but at least they could have told us what part of Tamriel Elder Scrolls VI takes place, or what Starfield was like. This games are years away, but you gotta to give us something man!

Pete Hines wearing a Capitals¬†Stanley Cup shirt– Don’t know if you know this, but I live in Boulder City, NV, and watched as the Las Vegas Golden Knights climbed the ladder to become the first expansion team in NHL history to go to the Stanley Cup, where they were unfortunately defeated. Don’t come to Vegas, Pete Hines. Let’s just say me and the other Knights fans may go Doomguy on your ass!


Winners- Doom:Eternal, Elder Scrolls VI, Fallout 76

Losers- The Las Vegas Golden Knights (They didn’t deserve¬†to lose, damn it!)


All-in-All, Bethesda’s showing wasn’t that bad. Confirming Starfield and Elder Scrolls Vi in development, as well as Doom Eternal and Fallout 76, there’s actually a lot of things to look forward too- even if some of things just mentioned are pretty far off. Given Bethesda isn’t a huge publisher, I think they should get a 5 out of 7 given their small scale. Can’t wait to see more!


What did you think? Did Bethesda have enough to show? What about Fallout 76- is multiplayer a wise choice? Let me know!

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