E3 2018- Square Enix- Judgment Call

E3 2018- Square Enix- Judgment Call

What a joke. That’s right- I’m getting down to brass tacks. Square Enix’s was the worst one. There. I said it. Even worse then EA. All they had to do was show Final Fantasy VII remake and it would have been better then EA’s. F@#k, I don’t even think there’s anything good to talk about…


They showed more of Just Cause 4, I guess– While I didn’t think Just Cause 3 was bad, per-se, it definitely felt like a step backwards for the series (somehow more copy and pasted environments then 2, no variation in said environments, etc.) and while I think JC4 is more of the same, it does look like more improvements are being made, like more variation in the environment and new weather effects, as well as even more destruction. I’ll look out for this one…

Some new IPs– They showed the promising Babylon’s Fall, by Platinum, which looks interesting. Then they showed The Quiet Man. Why was the first half of the Trailer live-action? What’s it about? No one knows…..

But the real question remains….who ordered the chow?


More gameplay of Shadow of the Tomb Raider– I really don’t care for the new Tomb Raider, but It looks alright. Nuff said.


Trailers we already saw at Microsoft’s conference– Yep. They just re used the same trailers for Kingdom Hearts III and Captain whats-his-name. No new info. No new nothing. Speaking of nothing…

Final Fantasy VII Remake is nowhere to be seen– Yep. It’s a no show! It’s been three years- THREE YEARS- since they announced it at E3 2015, and we hardly have any information about it. I’ve head so many rumors, from it being in development hell, to Square Enix focusing on releasing Kingdom Hearts III. What ever the case, it’s clear that’s something wrong.


Winners- Just Cause 4, Kingdom Hearts III, Babylon’s Fall

Losers- Final Fantasy VII (For not showing up)


It’s sad to say, but Square Enix is in the running for worst E3 conference this year. Too short, and a whole lot of nothing. Like I told EA- you have to be better. We expected much more from you! 2 out of 7.


Do you agree- Was Square Enix the worst one yet- or is EA still the worst conference of the year? Let me know below!


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