Yogcast’s Jingle Jam 2018- Day 1

Yogcast’s Jingle Jam 2018- Day 1

On the first day of Festivus, Humble Bundle gave to me…..

A 34.99 value (54.99 if you actually got a copy of Cardlife….)

*Face palms in great disgust*

The bundle was only live for one hour- ONE FREAKIN HOUR- and one of the games included sold out IMMEDIATELY. Hold on folks, because this is going to be one hell of a ride!

Yep- already out 1 game. Do they even have enough to go around this time- or is this bundle already shaping up to be worst then last year’s offerings? Once again, only time will tell….

So let’s look at the games, and their values (which this year will only be based on Steam’s Full MSRP price. No sale prices or anything like that)….

Animal Super Squad (9.99)– A fun little physics based platformer that has an emphasis on vehicles that control like the bikes in the Trials games (you know- those games where you ride motorbikes and flip them and what not?) Has many cool features like a level editor. Not bad. Not bad at all!

Kabounce (14.99)– Oh wow- this one is actually really cool! It’s pretty much a multiplayer pinball game were you try and change all the bumpers on the field to your team’s color. There’s some cool movement tech that makes the game fun to play. Also, there’s a bunch of features, like local splitscreen, challenges, and bots. It also has online, but sadly, it seems that no ones playing…..

The Greater Good (9.99)– A neat looking turnbased RPG with a unique artsytle reminiscent of games like “Out of this World/ Another World” and “Flashback”. Looks like it might be an actual hidden gem, if the reviews are anything to go by. Definitely worth a look!

BATALJ– This is cool mostly due to the fact that the game isn’t even out yet! You pretty much get to play the game before anyone else! However, the game doesn’t look like my cup of tea. I might play it, but who knows?

And now for some disappointing stuff….

Cardlife: Cardboard Survival (19.99)– Didn’t get this. Apparently, only 9000 copies were available, so they sold out of it pretty quickly. Not adding it to the overall value, because I didn’t get it. Looked really interesting- pretty much Minecraft with cardboard, and you can make some pretty cool stuff. However, it looks like I won’t know- unless I buy it on sale or something. Why didn’t the devs let HB have as many copies as needed? Don’t know. Don’t care. I have to take points off either way.

EDIT: I got a copy, as the devs sent a bunch more keys! I played it, and it’s exactly what you think- Minecraft with cardboard- just as I said. However, the cool thing here is that you can customize everything- your house, your character, your weapons- by cutting them out of cardboard. Really neat! Here’s hoping that the devs give out more keys, because this game definitely has potential!

BONUS- Displate 40% off– Displate looks neat. Its pretty much an online service that makes cool looking metal posters you can hang in your game room or wherever. With that discount, you can something cool for your man cave or what not for a decent price!

Yeah, some of these prints are actually pretty cool!

FINAL VERDICT– Returning to my 5 star rating from last year, I have to give today’s offering a 2.5/5. It would have easily been a 3 or even a 4 if Cardlife was in stock and not a limited release, but of course, it was not. I don’t remember any of the games last year being limited…. what happened? I expect much better things from this!

Also, yes. I will be avoiding the potential spoilers. Like I said last year- looking at the leaks would be opening all the doors on an actual advent calendar and eating all the chocolate. Don’t make your Nana mad!

Now if you excuse me, I have to work and do my 4 hours to get my money back!

UPDATE (12/5/2018): I just checked out my keys, and guess what I found? Yep- They gave out more Cardlife keys! I think it’s fair to upgrade the score to a 3.5/5! If you participating in this bundle, check your keys- you may have got one as well!

Do you agree? Did Humble Bundle and Yogscast drop the ball, or is it still a good deal despite a game selling out already? Let me know!

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