E3 2018- Judgment Call- EA

E3 2018- Judgment Call- EA

Note: Sorry about not getting content out. Company I work for gave me a full schedule. I will cover all of major E3 conferences, at least! “Please Understand!”

It’s finally here (performing for you!)

That’s right- E3 is finally among us, and it is time for the Airing of Grievances! After each show, I will tell you what I think about each and every conference I watch, and what went right, and what went wrong! Then, I will use my usual grading system to harshly judge each and every companies display?

I will tell you what I liked and disliked about each showing. I’ll try to get to every game and service mentioned, and might include some pre-show stuff.

Who will come out on Top? Who will wither and die? Find out now, as I bring you the Judgment call!

Up first we have the notorious EA, or Electronic Arts, as they are mostly known as. Let’s see what they had in store…


They’re not dropping Battlefront II just yet!– In a shocking twist (to me, at least), EA announced that they are not going to abandon BF II just yet- in fact, a slew of new content is coming soon! Not only are we going to get new maps and characters from Solo: A Star Wars Story, but we are eventually going to get more Clone Wars era content, like General Grievous and Obi-Wan. Just goes to show- EA aren’t the quitters we think they are.


Unravel gets a sequel, coming out RIGHT NOW!– I didn’t play Unravel, but heard good things about it. Surprise, Surprise, a sequel gets announced, here at E3! But that’s not all. They didn’t just announce it. They just released it- like, right now! Good to see EA supporting of indies… In fact, speaking of indie games….

Sea of Solitude looks like it might be pretty good!– From a brand new indie studio come Sea of Solitude, or SOS. Dealing with the poignant theme of loneliness, it almost looks to be Shadow of Colossus, but on a boat. Looking forward to what this title brings!

And finally, and most surprising….

Anthem doesn’t look like complete s@#t!– That’s right- my prediction that Anthem was going to be awful looks to be pretty null right now. Promising new content constantly added, and cosmetics that aren’t in a lootbox, Anthem might be the Destiny killer we were looking for!


In this section, I will talk about the things I did not care for. I will try to remain objective and non-biased. Emphasis on the word try.

SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS!– I’m not a sports fan (especially after the Golden Nights lost. What the f@#k happened?) So I’m not really into the plethora of sports games announced- the typical Madden, Fifa, and NBA games, all followed with 19 after them. If you like those games, then good. I’m just not into them.

Netflix for games… I guess– In this digital age, a lot of companies are turning to digital streaming. Xbox has the Xbox One Game Pass, and Playstation has PS Now. EA tosses their hat in the ring with a service of their own, and I really don’t care. A nice plus is that it’ll have new game like Anthem and Madden in their starting lineup, which is good… but I just don’t care. Who knows- maybe it’ll take off?

Sims 4 gets yet another expansion– Wait, EA still supporting that game to? Eh. Whatever.

Battlefield V gets a Battle Royale mode– I feel nothing…


This is pretty self-explanatory. What I absolutely disliked about the conference.

No Battlefield V footage to speak of– Where is it? Why do they not want to show it? Goddamn it, where is muh Battlefield? Is it even coming out!?

Lack of new games– Only three new games (not counting Madden and the other sports games because a new one comes out every friggin year!) were announced- Unravel 2, Sea of Solitude, and Star Wars: Fallen Order. That’s it- no new games. No real surprises. Just nothing…. Please don’t tell me the other conferences will be like this….

Star Wars: Nonexistent Order– The guy who announced the game seemed like a nice dude, but are you telling me they had nothing to show? No concept art or renders? Not even a short teaser? The game comes out in a year and a half, and you got nothing! What the hell?

and finally, and most horribly….

EA parades Command and Conquer’s corpse on stage– Poor C&C. First, Westwood closes its doors, and then we get stuff like C&C 4, and now this. Just…. let it die. Command and Conquer deserves to finally rest in peace, and not have its corpse turned into a casual mobile game. May God have mercy on EA’s soul (if they even have one!) Also, they turned Kane into THIS!

Oh god- he looks like a Ming the Merciless reject!


Here, I give my winners- and losers- of the conference. If a game’s not listed here, then it’s somewhere in the middle. There also can be multiple losers and winners as well.

Winners– Sea of Solitude, Anthem

Loser– Command and Conquer: Who gives a S@#t


While EA has some good showings- Sea of Solitude, Anthem actually looking decent, etc.- for the most part, I can’t help feel anything then let down. Only a handful of new games, vague information, and bastardizing Command and Conquer are just some of the gaming sins committed by EA this year. On my one to seven scale, I only give EA a 2 out of 7. There is simply not a lot to look forward here. Anthem, Sea of Solitude, and then what- more sports? EA needs to better…. for the sake of all of us.

Also no Skate 4. What the hell, man!?


So what did you think? Did EA do good this year, or do you agree that it was just another hot mess? Tell me in the comments below!

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