Spoilers for Nintendo’s E3 Event

Spoilers for Nintendo’s E3 Event

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It’s no surprise- every year, there’s spoilers that somehow leak out during E3. I remember when MGSV leaked- it was mindblowing! The I played the game, and it asked more question about MGS then it answered. It was mindblowing!

Of course, this E3 is no exception. However, this year, is a bit different.

An insider cracked this E3 wide open like that one egg that fell off the wall. I think his name was Donald Trump? I get eggheads confused- sorry! Insert Hillary joke here.

So who is this mysterious lad? Not sure- I think it’s the same guy who correctly guessed Ridley and King K. Rool for smash…. so it might be legit!

“But champ1822!” You ask, soylent on your breath. “How do you know that this guy is right and not some yahoo. Also, do you want to see my hot sauce collection?”

First of all, this guy correctly perdicted the following days before both Microsoft and Bethesda’s  E3 confrences. They are, as followed-

For Microsoft’s conference-

  • Dragon Ball Project Z being officially called “Kakarot”
  • “Project Scarlett” being Xbox One’s successor. Also correctly guessed the release date of Holiday 2020.
  • Minecraft Dungeons release date of 2020 and it coming to Switch
  • Elden Ring’s reveal
  • Tales of Arise’s reveal
  • Dying Light 2’s protagonist being infected
  • Keanu Reeves being apart of Cyberpunk 2077

For Bethesda’s conference-

  • Fallout 76 introducing NPC’s and a Battle Royale mode
  • Elder Scrolls Blades coming to Switch
  • Deathloop’s announcement

So as you can see, this guy is on point! Don’t know who he is (possibly a wizard) but he’s been dead on!

Now…. last chance! Spoilers are down below?


Ready (again?)



Here is the list of incoming announcements!

A New Wario Ware for the switch– That’s right, a new Warioware, built for the Nintendo Switch is coming!

A new top-down Contra game!– Yep- Contra is coming back for the first time in years! The leaker also said something about it not looking too hot, but we’ll see….

Secret of Mana collection, with a localization of Seiken Densetsu 3!– That’s right- the Switch will get a collection of secret of mana games, finally including the long-awaited localization of Seiken Densetsu 3 A.K.A. Secret of Mana 2! Cool!

A new 2.5d Metroid game!– Remember all those rumors years back about a new 2.5d Metroid game, titled Dread, was being worked on? I guess it was true! Now don’t worry- this game is not a replacement for Metroid Prime 4, but a separate project for the Nintendo Switch!

And finally-

Both Banjo and Erdrick are confirmed for Smash– Both of them! This one is actually from another leaker- however, I believe this to be true.

Now for some things that are possible, but not confirmed. Pretty much just predictions.

New Banjo game, along with partnership with Microsoft– Big if true. However, Banjo did not show up at Microsoft’s conference…. This one is up in the air. Another rumor is that Rare Replay is also coming to the Switch. It could happen, but I don’t know.

New Animal Crossing with Metro theme– AC goes to the big city! This one is very likely!

Metroid Prime 4 teaser– Just a teaser of Samus’s new armor, new setting. Basic stuff.

Mario Maker 2’s final theme– This one I made up. But hey- it could happen!

Miyamoto kills Reggie, live on camera*– 100% true. It’s a brutal fight that lasts a while- definatly not for kids! Bill shows up as well, and Reggie goes “BILL? BILL!”.

*May be a fever dream I had last night and not an actual prediction

And that’s that- confirmations and predictions. But now your asking one last question….

“What if you’re wrong? Won’t you look like an idiot?”

Yes. Yes I will. Tell you what- for every wrong “leak”, I’ll post a special apology. That’s leaks- none of those predictions (i.e. New Banjo game, Animal Crossing) will count, but stuff like Banjo being in smash and another new Metroid game will.

So let’s see what comes up! See you guys tomorrow. God, I hope I’m right- or I’ll have to make several more posts! YIKES!

Will post whether or not this leak was true!

BREAKING NEWS– Another one of his predictions- a remaster of SaGa 3 and a port of SaGa Scarlet Grace was just confirmed at Square Enix’s press conference! If this doesn’t prove this guy’s predictions, then nothing will!

What do you think? Is this leaker legit, or is he some sort of fraud- he could have easily just known about Bethesda and Microsoft’s conferences and just made stuff up for Nintendo’s. We’ll see tomorrow….

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