Aftermath- The Leaker who Sold the World (AKA How Nintendo won E3 2019)

Aftermath- The Leaker who Sold the World (AKA How Nintendo won E3 2019)

Well. That happened.

The leaks were real. I repeat- the leaks were real- and I’m not even just talking about the one’s I talked about yesterday. Games like Witcher 3 for Switch and others were leaked ahead as well.

Well, it’s time to get what the leaker got wrong out of the way- there’s only two, so no big deal….. unless your a Metroid or Wario fan-

Metroid 2.5D– Didn’t happen, sadly. Could be revealed later in the Treehouse, but I doubt it.

WarioWare Switch– This one seemed all so certain. Such a simple thing that could have came to fruition

But that’s it. Everything else was true. Erdirck (And multiple DQ protagonists, in fact- something that was NOT leaked!) Banjo and Kazooie. Collection of Mana. Contra. The legends? They were all true….

Now for a bit of personal shame.

Only one of my personal predictions came true- and it was only half right. We got a new Animal Crossing…. but it’s island themed- NOT metro themed. I also got Mario Maker 2 new theme wrong (There is none, unless its going to be revealed later in the Treehouse- the wildcard of E3) and no Banjo/Microsoft partner ship- though Lucky’s Tale is confirmed for switch- a game that was once Xbox exclusive. This proves nothing, though.

Also, surprisingly, no Metroid Prime 4 teaser. Where is it?

However, I think Nintendo made up for all this with

  • Luigi’s Mansion 3
  • No More Heroes III
  • The Pokemans
  • Panzer Dragoon
  • Collection of Mana being available right now!

So yeah- Nintendo did good this E3. I won’t go into detail of other conferences- instead I’ll make the Top 10 games, Top 10 worst/disappointing things from E3, and the Top 10 No-Shows lists. Stay Tuned for more terrible predictions from yours truly!

Do you agree? Did Nintendo do great this year, or did they do great this year? Tell me how awful EA’s conference was in comparison below! (God, that was a terrible way to start E3……)

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