Yogscast Jingle Jam 2018- Day 22

Yogscast Jingle Jam 2018- Day 22

On the 22nd day of Festivus, Humble Bundle gave to me…..

A 31.99 Value

Only 3 days until Christmas! Oh boy! I can’t wait for


While we wait for Santa to NOT come down the chimney this year, lets play even more games of varying and dubious quality!

In Memory of TITAN (14.99)– A space RTS that play like a strategy RPG (Advance Wars, Final Fantasy Tactics, etc.) However, this one is unfortunately Early Access and is incomplete, at the moment- and it shows. Needs a lot of polish. However, what we have now is a pretty good start, in my opinion.

Road Doom (7.99)– Now here is something that you don’t really see anymore…. a bullet-hell arcade-esque vertical shooter with finite lives and such! That’s right- you have to beat this game in one go! As a fan of arcade vertical shooters, I thought this was a great effort, with a unique artstyle that reminds a bit of Space Funeral. Worth checking out! If you’re not subscribed to this bundle, you can get on sale, right now, for 79 cents- well worth it!

Hyperdrive Massacre (9.99)– Pretty much a multiplayer version of asteroids but you play as flying cars. Has a nice retro theme to it and even has some nice music. It’s alright I guess- a little too basic for me, but maybe it’s what people like. I don’t know man.

FINAL VERDICT– Another fine day. I think I liked Road Doom the best (Man, I really should of had a Winner/Loser section for each day. Maybe next year?). I’ll give today a 2.5/5. Just another maniac Saturday.

What are your thoughts on the Jingle Jam so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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