Yogscast Jingle Jam 2018- Day 19

Yogscast Jingle Jam 2018- Day 19

On the 19th day of Festivus, Humble Bundle gave to me…..

A 19.99 Value

6 days! 6 days until I find nothing but garbage underneath my non-existent Christmas tree. Who’s lap do I have to sit on to get some decent Eggnog around here!

Love (2.99)– Once again, when I read the description for this game, I went with my typical “oh god, it’s pretentious garbage, isn’t it?” attitude. I then played the game, and realized I was dead wrong. Love is a simple platformer with ZX Spectrum inspired graphics. The game is simple, but effective. All in all, I liked Love. Wait. What?

Clicker bAdventure (4.99)– Oh no. This game really does have an interesting concept- its like some sort of weird tower defense game, but you have to explore a map to find health upgrades and what not. It just doesn’t feel right, though. The execution leaves much to be desired. Theres not even a save feature for crying out loud- you have to beat this entire thing in one go! Sorry to say, but this is one of this bundle’s unkempt games. I say skip.

Hello Pollution! (12.99)– A physics based puzzle game where you cram as much garbage into a landfill as possible. Has a strange sense of humor about it, as you start by getting rid of normal garbage, but slowly but surely make your way to disposing of more and more shady stuff, such as money, “dog food”, nuclear waste, and yes- even human remains. An alright little game.

FINAL VERDICT– What the hell? No pizza delivering mechs? For real though- I give today a 2.3/5. What? I can use decimals if I want! Clicker bAdventure is easily the loser today, but the other two are alright with me. Will the remaining six days bring anything of interest? No – because I’m that pessimistic!


What are your thoughts on the Jingle Jam so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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