Yogscast Jingle Jam 2018- Day 17

Yogscast Jingle Jam 2018- Day 17

On the 17th day of Festivus, Humble Bundle gave to me…..


I forgot to say something- games that have been in previous bundles in general, like today’s Detective Case and Clown Bot: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon (boy, that’s a mouthful!) do not count as repeats- they only count as repeats if their in the Jingle Jam bundles starting with 2017’s, as that is when I started to partake in them. Just letting you know. Why, you ask? Because I already have a copy of DCCBMITHL. Don’t know how I got it (I think it was a random Humble Bundle?) but it’s there. Which means one thing….. (SEE BELOW)

Detective Case and Clown Bot: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon (5.99)– A point and click adventure game with a lame sense of humor. Sometimes an “audience” reacts to what happens as if the game is a sitcom or something. Not bad, but could use some voice acting, if I were to be honest.

Splash Blast Panic(14.99)– Okay now this is epic I mean cool! It’s like Smash Bros except you shoot at each other while flying around the stage with jetpacks. The goal is simple- knock your opponent off the screen using water based weaponry, like water guns, hoses, and water balloons. It has bots and an Arcade mode much like Smash’s classic mode, and, of course, multiplayer. One of the better games in the bundle, I must say!

Dungeon Escape (3.99)– Oh boy, yet ANOTHER Meat Boy clone! Look, I’m just going to say it- Super Meat Boy is a fine game…. but holy cow, I wish people would stop emulating it in their own games! There seems to be hundreds of them anymore…. It only really worked for Celeste… and I even find Celeste to be too much like SMB! Anyway, the game is alright- I’ve seen much worse… but I’ve also seen much better (See: Slime-San)

FREE KEY!: Time for yet another free key! But watch out- Since we’re closer to Christmas then ever, it time to really make these puzzles even more difficult! Ready?

Detective Case and Clown Bot: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon: 0V9**-8Z7@@-&9&KV

*Clue: The number of the beast… but only 2 digits

@Clue: Nintendo’s download service, popularized on the Wii

&Clue: No, the third game is this popular series isn’t coming out. Stop asking Gabe!

You can, of course, redeem this key on Steam!

FINAL VERDICT– Another decent day. 3/5. What, did you expect something else? Also, I know it looks like I’m scoring lower then last years all around, but it doesn’t mean the games are that bad, per say, it’s just that I wanted to make that 4/5 or even 5/5 sweeter when it finally comes…. if it even comes!

What are your thoughts on the Jingle Jam so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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