Yogscast Jingle Jam 2018- Day 8

Yogscast Jingle Jam 2018- Day 8

On the eighth day of Festivus, Humble Bundle gave to me…

A 22.99 value

Oh look! I was wrong! There’s no crushing disappointment here- just more games! But we need to see if their any good right? RIGHT? Right!

Squidlit (2.99)– A game that styled like a Gameboy game, and is actually so well done, that it indeed feels like a long lost game for the system! If you are a fan of the OG gameboy like me, then your going to love it! Or like it. Whatever.

Race the Sun (9.99)– A game I have heard about many times, and just got around to playing it. Its a cool endless runner esque game where you fly towards the sun, hence the title. Its pretty trippy, and a great choice for this bundle!

Zero G Arena (9.99)– I didn’t play this one, but it does look interesting. I might give this a go in the future.

Final Verdict: Today’s offerings were great! I give today a 3/5!

Why are you looking at me like that?

What did you think of today’s offering? Tell me in the comments below!

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