Review: Typing (House) of the Dead: Overkill

Review: Typing (House) of the Dead: Overkill

Part of the 2nd 9 Days of Heck event! Who says becoming better at typing is boring? Meet a game that can improve you WPM, motherf@#ker!


Year:  2013

Played on: PC

Also on: Wii, PS3 (Motion Control Only Versions)

Developer: Headstrong Games, Modern Dream

Publisher: Sega


We’re meeting G over there, Mother F@#ker!


Date posted: October 26, 2018



Mavis Beacon? F@#k Mavis Beacon!

Back in the 90’s I was in a very famous tv show typing games used to be all the rage! Everywhere you looked, you would see so many people desperate to teach kids how to type. You had Mavis Beacon, of course, but you even had characters like Super Mario trying to teach kids how to type. Only in the 90’s! Anyway, near the end of the decade, there was another typing game I should note. Typing of the Dead- a game for the Dreamcast in which the players used Keyboards- not light guns- to blast away zombies and other monsters in a somewhat humorous manner.

This version of the game was well received (except by PC World, who clearly has no taste). However, Typing would never receive a sequel, though the series it was based on, House of the Dead, would get several.


Released in 2013, Typing of the Dead: Overkill is based off the motion control shooter, House of the Dead: Overkill, which was released on the Wii and PS3. Unlike the console games, however, players used their typing ability to take out “mutants”, just like in the 1999 original.

Also note that this doubles as my review of “House of the Dead: Overkill” as well, as Typing of the Dead comes with a version of HOTDO that can be played with a mouse. Sweet! (Besides, it’s not like it’s a far cry from HOTDO anyway to begin with)


For starters, the B-Movie/ Grindhouse theme the game goes for is fantastic! (even if it is a bit far off from the original games straight sci-fi horror spiel) The game follows an absurd plot involving two agents- Agent G (the only character from the “classic” HoTD games) and the trash-talking Issac Washington, (who is clearly one of the best protagonists in a light gun/ typing game ever, motherf@#ker!) on their hunt for a crazy madman named Papa Cesar, who wants to take over the world (OF COURSE!) with an army of “mutants”. Everything is as off-wall and over-the-top, just like you would expect! The back and forth between Agent G and Washington is great banter, and makes the experience even better.

The mechanics -whether they be using a keyboard, or your mouse to shoot shit- work great. Enemies are killed by typing a word that appears on the target as fast as possible, and you can switch between enemies with a single key-stroke. You can also pick up collectibles and what not by simply pressing the space bar. Of course, your mileage may vary- the enjoyment of the game WILL depend on how good of a typist you are! But it’s like I said above- Typing does come with the original HoTDO with mouse support- so there’s something for everyone here!

The multitude of dictionaries in “Typing” ensures that you’ll never run out of funny words to type, motherf@#ker!

There’s some good variety of levels, in here- A hospital, a carnival, a moving train- all of which have some entertaining set pieces and layout. They also feel like they never over-stay their welcome as well- something the entire light gun genre needs still needs to learn, apparently!

Of course, it wouldn’t be House of the Dead without crazy bosses! Most of them are creative mutations of twisted and bloody flesh, that ranges from hulking behemoths to agile creeps. The bosses are defiantly a highlight!

Also, I gotta mention the sweet grindhouse posters created for each level. They’re motherf@#king sweet!


I think the one thing I really didn’t like about Overkill was the lack of enemies. You know how the original HoTD games had a ton of different zombies and bizarre monsters? Well, Overkill only seems to have a few. There your basic zombies, zombies that throw things, fat zombies, strong zombies… and very few “monsters”. Where are those killer slug things? Or those weird guys that could jump on walls? They would have fit right in! What a shame!

Let’s not beat around the bush. HoTD is a very cheap series, with unfair deaths aplenty…. and Overkill is, sadly, no exception! Sometimes in Typing, it’s very had to “dodge” incoming attacks, or to switch between enemies you need to dispatch. The strong-guy zombies are really bad in typing- you pretty much need to be a professional data input expert to not take damage from those guys!

Yeah, these guys are pain in the ass, motherf@#ker!

The game’s content is not for everyone- ESPECIALLY children! Lot’s of cussing, violence, and sexual innuendo, and some very sexualized characters (even bosses!) make this a very family unfriendly affair! This is not a problem for me- but gamer beware! Your in for a swear! (motherf@#ker!) And it was released for the Wii- the most family friendly console ever!


There are some differences between versions, with one only supporting “Typing”. Here’s a brief breakdown.

Wii- This was the original version of HoTD: Overkill. You use a wiimote to shoot, and it supports two players. Basic, but an alright version none the less. No Typing mode, of course.

PS3- The PS3 version is the extended cut, which features two new levels, and new weapons, among other new content. The graphics also look better then the Wii version. No Typing mode, but it does support PS Move.

PC- This version is called “Typing of the Dead” and to my knowledge, is only available digitally. It has all the content of the PS3’s Extended Cut, and, of course, supports keyboard for “Typing” and you can play the original “HoTD: Overkill” with a mouse. No kind of motion control support (that I’m aware of, anyway).

Clear winners– PC, PS3

Okay– Wii


If you want a typing game where you don’t learn anything, or just want a fun arcade light-gun experience, then HoTD: Overkill may be the game for you. Just keep in mind it’s vulgar content and somewhat cheapness when playing, or you’ll end up like a dead motherf@#ker, you dig? Recommended for typists, arcade, grindhouse fanatics alike!

Review edited by special guest editor, Issac Washington! Motherf@#ker!


Agree? Disagree? Good! Leave a comment about how terrible my taste is in the motherf@#king comments below!

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