Event: One Year Anniversary!

Event: One Year Anniversary!

Well, damn. I had no idea that a whole year has past since I started this thing! I don’t know what to say. I really only started this whole thing to let people know my awful opinion- and people actually listened!

Not a lot of people, but I never made this Blog to become famous. I made this blog to express myself, and I’m glad that least a handful of people who actually like what I write here. It means a lot!

Here’s a picture of the party I held for myself that has NOT been doctored in any way! I swear!

Totally real, by the way! I look so young!

Here’s some random stats:

Reviews since October 13, 2017: 78

“Events” created: 6

Times I have embarrassed myself (aka posts I’ve made): 137

Rubes I suckered into visiting my site: 469

Overly-long imperfect Doom wads that drove a streamer and his fans crazy: 1

And finally and most importantly-

People who actually liked what I wrote (aka Followers): 20

Here’s to at least 200 more years of shitposting! Cheers!

Do you think that this blog deserved to be up for one year? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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