I’m sorry

I’m sorry

Remember when I said that I’d kill you last make a new review every week? Yeah. Things didn’t work out.

You see, I’ve been swamped by work and personal projects. I thought I would receive more breaks and days off, but thats not the case. In other words, I leaped without looking.

Don’t fret though- I’m still going to make content- it’s just going to be at an irregular and strange pacing, of only which I can offer. This blog is defiantly not over yet!

Here’s whats still going happen

  • Reviews will still be made, but infrequently. I’ll try to post one every week, but no promises.
  • I’m still planing to do Top 10’s
  • I’m also going to do current stuff- in fact I have another kind of article planned….

Again, I apologize for all those promises I made. Thank you for your reading my awful blog!

Post how big of a jerk I am in the comments below!

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