E3 2018- Ubisoft- Judgment Call

E3 2018- Ubisoft- Judgment Call

I really don’t look forward to Ubisoft’s conference every year to be honest. Just more sequels to games I don’t care about and your usual Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance games. Sadly, I don’t think this year was any different. Still better then EA’s, but that’s not saying much, really.


Beyond Good and Evil 2 looks pretty good– While I’m still deciding if BGE 2 is the sequel that the series needs, I will admit that the game right now seems to be going in the right direction. It almost looks to good to be true, with a huge open world and some great character animations. Definitely looking forward to where this project goes!

For Honor for Free- Another freebie from E3– the base For Honor game is now free for a limited time! Don’t know if this includes the singleplayer campaign or what, but it’s free- Who can complain?

New Trials game– Not the biggest Trials fan, but this sequel does look to be a great addition to series, and anyone who likes these motorcycle platforming games is sure to like this new addition!


The Division 2 looks more of the same, trying too hard to be Destiny– Yeah, I didn’t really care for the first Division- it came off too hard to be like loot and shoot games like Destiny and Borderlands, and just came off as unoriginal. The Division 2 looks more of the same, and know looks likes its trying to be even more like Destiny with the addition of raids. I just don’t care, but some people might, and I say more power to you.

DLC for For Honor and Mario+Rabbids– Have not got to play the original Mario+Rabbids game, but have heard good things. There’s more DLC coming for it that lets you play as Donkey Kong. Also, For Honor is getting another expansion. It’s good to see companies still supporting games from a year ago.

Starfox is back….. as a Toy to life Game?– I honestly don’t know how to feel about this one. A new Toys to life game, Starlink. It will, of course be exclusive to the Switch version. I’m just going to warn you know, this sounds like something people might try to scalp… If you’re interested, you might want to pre-order. Have no idea if it’s worth it though.

I honestly don’t know how to deal with this.

Assassin’s Creed is back to yearly releases….– Sorry, but I don’t really think this is a good thing! The reason AC went dormant for a year or so is because the series began to stagnant. I really think Ubisoft should have the series go to a bi-yearly format. I mean there’s what, like 20 games in the span of a decade? That’s…. not good! Ubisoft should tread carefully….


No Splinter Cell!– Another E3, another stable of rumors- one being of a new open-world Splinter Cell game in the same vein as MGSV or Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Nope. Not a single word- another one to add to the no-show pile. Defiantly going to make my first Top 10 list “Top 10 No-Shows”.

Another Just Dance Opening– Look. I’m not the biggest fan of Just Dance. These games all look the same for me, and I can’t believe their still being made! I just don’t get it. However, the worst thing about all this is that every year- Every. Single. Year. Ubisoft opens with an obnoxious and annoying dance show that just comes off as…. I don’t know…… lackluster? You guys need to think of something else….

Just Dance? More like Just Kill Me Now!


Winner- Beyond Good and Evil 2

Loser- Just Dance 2018 (Same old story, same old song and dance, my friend!)


Felt like your typical year from Ubisoft. Not a lot of big earth shattering surprises, but some things to keep their fanbases happy. All in all, I think they were pretty straight edge, with nothing really bad, and not a lot of good either. I think 4 out of 7 is appropriate.


What did you think of it? Was Ubisoft their usual self, or am I missing something? Please let me know below!

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