E3 2018- Sony- Judgment Call

E3 2018- Sony- Judgment Call

I always look forward to Sony’s E3 conference, even tough they seem to be slogging behind in years (I don’t think anything is going to top the FFVII Remake announcement) so I was anxious to see what they had in store. I saw what they were doing this E3, and my heart sank- At first if felt like Sony didn’t have anything new to show off. I was thankfully wrong, but that sinking feeling did manage to stay with me till the end…


Resident Evil 2 Remake is confirmed… and coming out early next year!– This is the best thing they showed, in my opinion. Ever since they first announced the RE 2 remake some years ago, many people were skeptical that they were even working on it- but it was confirmed, finally, at Sony’s press conference with a new trailer, and even had a playable demo on the show floor! And yes- it looks good! Defiantly one of my top games this E3!

Leonardo Dicaprio Confirmed as Leon!

A ton of new gameplay for Last of Us II, Ghosts of Tsushima, and Spiderman!– Each of the games I just mentioned got a ton of screen time to show off how each game plays. TLOU II is a gritty and violent as ever, GOT looks like an excellent period piece, and Spiderman pretty much confirmed the Sinister Six as boss encounters. There’s a lot to look forward too from these games!

First gameplay of Death Stranding!– Finally, after years of anticipation, we finally got our first glimpse at Kojima’s next major project, Death Stranding, and it’s as out there as you expect. Looking to be some sort of exploration game set in a wet and rainy world of strangeness, you can expect an almost David Lynchian esque game. I want to know more- and knowing Kojima, we may not get answers as soon as we want!


Kingdom Hearts III has yet ANOTHER trailer!– Thankfully, they shown off new stuff, like a return to the Pirates of the Caribbean world and what not. I just find it strange that KH III has been at three conferences- Square Enix really is pushing this game, and I hope it delivers (even though I’m just now playing the games!)

A new ip, Control, and a sequel for Nioh– Control, a new game that looks like Quantum Break done right, looks like it has promise. Also, Nioh gets a sequel seemingly out of nowhere. Damn, this E3 has been good for samurai games!


A bad and worrying start– When they first started there conference, they said they were only going to focus on four games, and that had me worried. Then the Banjo guy played for a good five minutes, and I had no idea what they were doing. I actually put my head in my hands and told myself “They did it. They made a worse conference then EA”. I thought it would get better, but then they had some guy start playing a flute soon after. It was not until the RE2 Remake trailer that I actually thought they could turn it around…. and they sort of did. Sort of….

And yes- I know this is the guy who does the music for TLOU II. I just don’t think this was the best way to hype up your audience….

A lack of games in general– There was not many games at this conference. To be fair, the ones shown seemed to be of high quality, but some times you have to balance quality with quantity. Other then RE2 Remake, there was no other earthshaking announcements either.


Winners- Resident Evil 2 Remake, Spiderman, Death Stranding

Losers- The Banjo Player and Flute Guy


I’m going to be honest- At the beginning of the conference, I expected the worst. However, the announcement of RE 2 Remake, new gameplay of Death Stranding, and Spiderman showing off his rogue’s gallery at least made me feel like the conference was worth while. Defiantly some things to look forward too. I think I’ll just give them a 4 out of 7. The slow start just stuck with me….


Do you agree- was Sony’s presentation not as good as they have been, or am I wrong? Tell me what you think below!

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