E3 2018- Nintendo- Judgment Call

E3 2018- Nintendo- Judgment Call

Nintendo is back, once again, with their own direct. We all knew that a new Smash Brothers was on the way (and yes- people are already complaining about it), but did Nintendo have any other surprises? Well, yes….. and no.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate has (most) of the content from all previous games!– In an unexpected move, the new Smash Brothers game, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, will have every single character in the series- from N64 to Smash 4, there all here! Snake, Wolf, and Lucas from Brawl. Pichu, Roy, and Young Link from Melee. All the DLC characters from Smash 4- all confirmed! We also have newcomers like the inklings, “Echo Fighter” like Daisy, and the BIG reveal- Ridley, after an avalanche of fan requests, is finally in! Who’s too big now, naysayers!?

Everyone’s confirmed! Yes…. even him!

A new Fire Emblem and a new Mario Party game!– Both a new Fire Emblem and a new Mario Party game have been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch! This is good news for fans of both series- especially Mario Party, as it looks to be a traditional outing, and even has online!

A slew of ports for the Nintendo Switch!– There’s a lot of games coming to the Nintendo Switch. One of the most surprising is ARK- Can the Switch really run it? The biggest and most notable is Fortnite, which is available now…. for free! Hollow Knight is coming to the switch as well.There’s too many to list here!


Octopath Traveler is coming next month, and has free demo– Square Enix’s exclusive JRPG is coming soon. Not too interested in it, but will try out the demo, at least.


More No-shows!– Metroid Prime 4 is nowhere to be seen. No new info. No nothing. Another game many have been clamoring for, F-Zero has not been announced, but has been requested by fans for years now. MP 4 is probably a shoe-in for E3 2019, but no one knows if Nintendo will ever address F-Zero ever again….

Mew locked behind expensive peripheral– As you may know, I’m not the biggest fan of Pokemon Go. Now there’s a game coming that uses it’s mechanics, and well… I’m entirely on the fence about it. However, something I’m against is the new peripheral for said game. Not only will this controller be only useful for one game, Nintendo has decided to lock out one of it’s most legendary pokemon behind it. Yes, for what I can gather, Mew is only available if you buy the $50 pokeball you can only use for one game. Thanks Nintendo! Also, Let’s Go looks incredibly causlised and streamlined- a game I used to play though easily is being made easier. What a world we live in!

Pre-order now… unless you want to pay $100+ from a scalper!

Bomberman is in Smash! (As an assist trophy)– We all have characters we want in Smash, and one I see a lot of is Bomberman. Someone at Nintendo was listening, probably made the “We don’t know how to implement him” excuse Capcom keeps making, and just put him in as an Assist trophy. Sad! (But not a deal breaker)


Winner- Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Losers- Let’s Go Pikachu/ Eevee (I’m extremely wary about this one!)


Except for a bunch of switch ports, Nintendo had very few things to look out for. Yes, Super Smash Bros Ultimate looks good and is one of the best games of E3 2018, but is that enough? People said they won E3 two years ago with one game- Breath of the Wild- but can they really continue to do so? Again, like Sony, there’s some things to look forward too- but it’s still lacking! It’s a 4 out of 7 from me, I’m afraid!





That should do it for all the conferences! (For the PC Gaming Show, I give a 4 out of 7. It had a good diverse lineup of games. Didn’t feel like they needed it’s own review)

Join me tomorrow when I hold my first annual “E3 Major Awards” Ceremony, where I tell you what I think what was the best- and worst- that E3 2018 had to offer. Also look out for the “Top 10 E3 2018 No-Shows” and my “Top 10 Anticipated games from E3 2018!” I also will put out my feelings about the games that didn’t show up at any major press conference, like that Fist of the North Star game that getting localized!

What do you think of all this? Is one game enough? What do you think of Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee? Let me know below!

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