So This Happened: Why having women in Battlefield V is not a big deal (and the real danger BFV poses)

So This Happened: Why having women in Battlefield V is not a big deal (and the real danger BFV poses)

Posted May 26th, 2018

Welcome to my new brand of articles I like to call “So This Happened!”. In these articles I will go over breaking news and other stuff that going on in the world of video games. I will try to remain unbiased and impartial- but no promises!

People who know me, or even read this blog know that I’m no SJW. Crass, and a bit unapologetic, I tell’em as I see them- however, I try to be polite about it. I don’t go around spouting violence torwards SJW, or even tell them their wrong- I just tell them that I disagree, and most importantly why I disagree. I try to be a diplomat in my disagreements- not Ghanis Khan. (Although being Ghanis Khan would be pretty badass!)

So another day, and another outcry- one I actually don’t care too much about. I missed the boat, sadly, on the whole Far Cry 5 non-controversy, (and even called out an article in which the author called people who like the game as “Cowards” on Yahoo, of all places) but now, people are criticizing Battlefield V, the newest in a line of rooty tooty point and shooty games, for having Women in WWII scenarios. First off, I know my history- there were women who fought in the war, believe or not. Now, their presence on the battlefield wasn’t prominent as that of men, tales of such women are widespread and well documented. So yes- women were on the battlefield- whether you like it or not. And yes, so were minorities. (Has no one seen Red Tails? These people, I swear!)

Don’t worry- I’m defiantly going to talk about the fake “outrage” over Far Cry 5 soon! You can count on that!

So why don’t I think that this is a problem? Well, it’s simple- it can be broken down into two main reasons- the secound one being the most important. (And no- I’m not going to use the “IT’S JUST A VIDEO GAME!” excuse, either)

  1. WWII games have of track record of things sillier then women on the battlefield– One of my most favorite WWII games of all-time has to be the original Medal of Honor back on the PS1. Though it’s blocky graphics, you relived some great parts of the more “secret” parts of WWII- all backed with historical accuracy and not to mention, a great score that defiantly holds up. So why mention Medal of Honor? Well, it had a mulitplayer mode. Guess what some of the unlockable characters were? That’s right- a woman! DUN DUN DUN! But, it gets more ridiculous.


You can also play as a Nutcracker, Winston Churchill, a dog, and William Shakespeare. I’m not making this up! It’s in the game! Here, look at this terrible footage I found of it!

Yeah, this was the only footage/screenshots I could find. Sorry!

So what point am I trying to make? WWII games always had a track record of things goofier then women and minorities being on the Battlefield. If your going to get mad at women being in BFV, then you should be mad at the unlockable characters in MoH, that ghost easter egg in the OG Call of Duty, and the myriad of other goofy stuff in WWII games. It’s only fair!

That being said, BFV deserves all the dislikes it has on Youtube. Now you’re probably scratching your head. “But if you don’t hate BFV for it’s “Historical Inaccuracies”, then why do you hate it?”

Well it’s simple, really. Then anyone stop to think for once that it was a f@#king EA GAME?

2. EA want your money, idiot!– That’s right! This is why you should be concerned with BFV- not the women or minorities , but the cold hard fact that EA wants you cold hard cash! Yes- I know they said that all the DLC would be free. You know what other game they said would have free DLC and no season pass?

Battlefront II.

That’s right- EA intends of robbing you blind, and piggybacking off this controversy to make them look like the good guy, and the fanbase as raging misogynists! Hell, they already confirmed microtransactions as I’m writing this! The saying is that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and the same can be same about free DLC- EA WILL find a way to make the players pay. I guarantee it!





The real questions we need to ask in regards to Battlefield V are simple. Is the gameplay actually good? Will EA try to gouge players for every nickel and dime? These are the important things we need to focus on- not the fact that Women are present in some shoddy World War II simulation. If we don’t focus on the big picture, then the smaller images that make up the whole will destroy us in the end.

So what do you think about this? Comment below, and I might actually engage for once!


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