Major Blog Update: Not Dead Yet!

Major Blog Update: Not Dead Yet!

First and foremost, an apology. I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting anything lately, but I want to make it up. There’s a good reason though- I got a Job! That’s right- an actual job! Your looking at a certified Inventory Auditor! Yes, it’s as exciting as it sounds! And no- I did not go into hiding because what happened with the Doom contest- in fact, I’m working on a new WAD as we speak! That’s right! Suck it down, TrojanPiece!

Anyway, yeah, I haven’t given my blog attention lately, but that’s going to change. I actually had a blast reviewing the entire (well, most of) Tony Hawk series, and wanted to continue to at least 100 reviews- but wait, there’s more! Below I outlined what I’m going to do with my blog-

-AT LEAST 3 NEW REVIEWS EVERY WEEK!– When I started this blog, I did the impossible- for a few straight months, I posted a new review everyday. This was easy back then because I had too much time on my hands. Now, I have a job, so I have less time to do things. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t post new stuff- starting next week, I will attempt to get out a new review every Monday, Wednesday, Friday! Should be easy enough (laughs nervously)

-ARTICLES THAT COVER THINGS THAT JUST HAPPENED AND STUFF!– Last December, I tried to write articles. Needless to say, the tumbleweeds and crickets loved them- but everyone else didn’t seem to care. I will try again- this time covering things as I learn about them instead of going on nonsensical rants about Indiana Jones and DKC3, and why racing games don’t need stories. In fact, I’m going to post one right….now!

Battlefield V Women “Controversy”

-I SELLOUT AND START DOING TOP 10 LISTS!– OK. I know. It’s pretty shameless, but here me out. I think I have ideas for Top 10 lists that a lot of other people haven’t come up with. Maybe top 10 games for obscure systems, or Top 10 unreleased Arcade games. I have a lot ideas for these, so just hang on- maybe their not so bad. THIS PART OF MY BLOG POST SPONSORED BY WATCHMOJO. WATCHMOJO- HAVING TERRIBLE OPINIONS ON EVERYTHING SINCE 1893!

-AWFUL E3 COVERAGE!– Yeah. I won’t be there, but I will spout my terrible opinion! I swear to god if Gex 4 isn’t announced, I’ll…. I’LL…… GOD I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WILL DO! ARRRRRRRRGHHHHH!

Also, I’m going to add everything to the Archive by next week as well.

So that’s about it! Just wanted to let everyone know that I will continue to blog, so help me…. uh… god, I guess! Now if you can excuse me, I have to go to a K-Mart (yes, those still exist!) in Arizona to scan diapers, and hopefully Ernie or Eddy won’t yell at me less this time. PEACE!

If your’re TrojanPiece, please tell me how I should never blog again below! Everyone else, tell me how bad a job I’m doing, and how I should never blog again below!


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