Why I haven’t gotten reviews out

Why I haven’t gotten reviews out

It’s simple really. Ever heard of Vinesauce’s Joel? One of the few streamers I actually like. Anyway, he’s done it again- the madman has opened another Doom mapping contest. Guess who thinks he has the skills?


That’s right- I’m entering the competition for the second time in a row. Yep- I had my map played back in 2016’s competition- it was a map called vinesauce2016- exciting title, right? Joel seemed to like it- until I pissed him off using a admittedly awful dark teleporting maze. Then he skipped half the level, because I, being the great level designer I am, didn’t realize you could just use the barricades at the end of the level to enter the last part of the map without getting all the keys. Yeah- I didn’t win- but i’m glad he didn’t roast my level in front of thousands of people… I feel sorry for “return to the blood room” guy….

“Solid F@#king level!”

-Joel after playing my level

So here’s the level I made in question. Yes- it is in the thumbnail. How cool is that? (Starts at around 1:21:00, if timecode doesn’t work)

So yeah, I have been working on this year’s entry, which expires on February 28. If you want to enter, and for the full set of rules, you can check out this link

Vinesauce 2018 Doom Mapping Contest

On the day I’m posting this, you have 13 days to make and submit your wad to Joel. Yes, that is exactly as awkward as it sounds.

I hope that you, the person reading this, enters- Joel loves dank memes from his streams! Make sure you put as many as you can! His favorite doom levels are wow.wad and Terry wads!

Also, if your reading this Joel, I apologize for nothing. Except for that dark teleport maze. Sorry about that.

Oh, and you can download the level I made here, if you want.

Note: My username is Champ1822. It used to be Sinncitycrazy, but I changed it for- reasons.

UPDATE: I finally finished it! Look for it when Joel streams it a few weeks from now- it’s called “Dark New Babylon”, because, yes, I’m an edge lord. I used my username, Champ1822, so you know who to listen for. Afterwards, I release it to the public- if Joel chooses not to.

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