Review: Gamefly

Review: Gamefly

My first review for an online service! Is Gamefly worth the money, or are you better off spending it on honey? Sorry, thats the only word I know that rhymes with money.


Year Founded: 2002

Platforms: GBA all the way to Nintendo Switch. No joke!

Service Type: Rental

Founders:David Hodess, Sean Spector, Jung Suh

Based In: Los Angeles, California


Pretty fly, for a game guy. OR IS IT?


Date posted: January 27, 2018



What if I told you that there was a service that let you play one to three games of your choosing, whenever you liked, as long as you were willing to wait 2 to 3 business days for them to arrive, as long as said games are available to rent?

Well, your in luck, because that’s what Gamefly is! For a mere $15-$30 a month, you can play an ever expanding library of games, delivered right to your mailbox, including games that just came out- if they even have the bloody things! (more on that later)

The process is simple. You put games in your queue, or Q (no, not the character from Star Trek, although he probably messes with Gamefly employees whenever he gets kicked from the Q-continuum. What was I talking about again?

Oh yeah, Star Trek Gamefly, that’s right. You can place as many games in your Q as you want, and if said games are available, then they’ll send it to you. You can do this as many times as you want, as long as you pay your subscription fee. Sounds pretty cool, right? Right?


Gamefly’s silver lining is the fact that you can play new, or at least relative new games for much less then just buying them outright, even used. Say you want to play the newest Monster Hunter and DBZ game that just came out. That’s $120 for both! You have no idea if you’ll like them- you only just heard good things about them. In the future, you see a multitude of games coming out- lets say, two new releases a month. The grand annual total- $1440, for game you may or may not like. With Gamefly, you could theoretically play though all that $1440 games for about $276- $23 a month for their two game plan. For those who do not want to own, put rather play games, this is a good deal…. but like I said earlier, it depends if they have what you want…. (see CONS)

Gamefly’s selection is also grand- their library extends all the way back to the frickin GBA. That’s right- you can rent GBA games! Now, keep in mind, that not every game is available- (Again, see CONS) but the selection is wide and vast, much like my ego. Here’s a small taste of what you can rent from Gamefly-

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All told, Gamefly has over 8,000 titles available, including movies… even though, you know Netflix exists. But whatever. How do you know they have a good library? They have games for the Vita. I didn’t even know the Vita had games- what the hell!?

They are also usually good about sending your next game when you mail one back. Only once or twice did it take abnormally long, and even then, they came, eventually. They’re pretty good when it comes to shipping and processing and what not.

Now it’s time to lay into them. Oh boy, I have a lot of s@#t to say, so pull up a chair.


The biggest, most glaring awful thing about Gamefly, is they never, I repeat, NEVER, have new games available day one. You have to be extremely lucky to get games the week they come out- hell, sometimes you’ll be lucky to get a game the month it comes out. This almost defeats the purpose- almost. The only two games I got a few days after they were released were Uncharted 4 and Battlefront 2. All the other games, I had to wait at least a month to become available, even if they were at the top of my Q, with no other games within it. In other words, you’ll have to wait a month or two to play the latest titles. Don’t know if its a supply issue or traffic or what, but it really is a downer.

Yep. I have a better chance of getting a job then f@#king playing the latest games. Have you seen my Resume? It’s not pretty…

And yes- that was my Q. Theres also a bunch of older games below, most, to be fair, in stock. However, look at those Switch games that have been out for months. What do you think is the chance I’ll get to play them? I have no idea myself…

Some niche titles, or older games are simply never available at all. Take Mario Party- every single Mario Party game on the Gamecube is simply not available at any time, but games like TLOZ: Twilight Princess is always available- is the demand for Mario Party so high that they refuse to have it rentable? Didn’t those games sell millions of copies? Yet you Spiderman the movie game always available? (Not knocking the game. Just trying to make a point.)

Untitled 8
Yes, I do blame rabid Nintendo fanboys for this. I should know- I’M ONE OF THEM!

And of course, they never have Nintendo games in stock. They are simple not available, or have a constant low availability. I really feel bad for Switch owners who use this service- all of their games seem to never be there when you want them. In fact, if you own nothing but a Switch, I actually recommend that you do NOT subscribe to this service, unless you like playing nothing but shovelware and are okay with waiting weeks on end to play Mario Kart 8. This service is only really useful if you have more then one of the current generation consoles, or at the very least, a few of the older gen consoles, like a PS3 and Xbox 360.

To put things in perspective, lets see if you can rent 2017’s best (or at least most popular) titles (based on my account settings…)

  • Horizon Zero Dawn- High Availability
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)- Low Availability (Wii U version, Available Now)
  • Super Mario Odyssey- Medium Availability
  • Resident Evil 7 (Xbone, PS4)- High Availability
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe- Low Availability
  • Call of Duty: WWII- Medium Availability
  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins- High Availability
  • Mario+Rabbids- High Availability
  • Splatoon 2- Medium Availability


Gamefly is actually not a bad service- as long as your not planning on playing the hottest and newest titles when they come out, or most Nintendo games. If you have multiple systems, and don’t mind renting six month old (or even older) games whenever you please, then Gamefly might be the thing for you. If you want to play games as soon as possible, you might just be better off buying them….


Agree? Disagree? Good! Leave a comment about how terrible my taste is in the comments below!

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