Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017- Day 14

Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017- Day 14

On the fourteenth day of Christmas, Humble Bundle gave to me…

A $34 value

Alright, now its starting to get good…. or better! We have two games and some f2p dlc that isn’t complete tripe!

First off, we have the excellent Chime Sharp, a fun puzzle game where you have to create squares using mutated tetris pieces in the “tune” of different music tracks, racing against the clock. I only played it for 15 minutes, and already throughly enjoy it- this one’s defiantly a keeper!

Next, I’ll cover the DLC for Robocraft, a fun little f2p competitive multiplayer game that allows you to make whatever vehicle you want to either destroy or outmaneuver the competition. This is actual DLC I do like- you get a nice bundle of 12 chests containing various parts, 3 days worth of a VIP membership, and a exclusive head shaped like some viking fella from Yogscast. This is actually the one of the best f2p DLCs thus far… even though there was something very similar to it in last years bundle.

Finally, we have a neat metroidvania called Toy Odyssey that borrows elements from games like “Rogue Legacy”, as the games world is always changing. It wasn’t too bad, but some of the reviews say otherwise- the general consensus being that it’s random nature is ultimately it’s downfall. However, it seems fine- I’ll probably end up playing it.

It finally looks like this bundle starting to go somewhere! One excellent puzzle game, a decent looking metroidvania, and DLC that isn’t total garbage!  I defiantly give today a 3.5 out of 5! If every day was like today’s bundle, then I sure would recommend it to more people!

What do you think? Is this Humble Bundle a good deal so far, or is it another disappointment? Sound off in the comments below! Or don’t. I’m fine either way…

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