Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017- Day 13

Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017- Day 13

On the thirteenth day of Christmas, Humble Bundle gave to me…

A $10 value

On day 13, we have a weird but fun Renaissance painting sim, and even more DLC.

First let’s get the DLC out of the way. It’s once again, more DLC for a non-F2P game that I don’t own, War of the Overworld, which looks like a modern take on the excellent Dungeon Keeper games (and no, not that terrible mobile game that tarnished the series reputation beyond repair!). Its just cosmetic DLC as well- nothing really that interesting really.

The real star of today’s meh show is of course Painter’s Guild, in which you choose a era that was very important to the history of painting and try and create your guild of painters, complete with customizable housing and such. It’s actually a neat little game, and very different then most games given out thus far.

One game and another piece of DLC I can’t use. Even more insulting this time, the description for the DLC had this little anecdote-

“This add-on content requires the base game War for the Overworld on Steam in order to play. Click here to purchase the base game.”

Their not even being subtle about it anymore- some of this DLC is on here just so you’ll buy their game! That’s kind of despicable- this bundle was for charity! I’m not saying you should just give us the game, but it just feels underhanded!

I give today’s offering another 2 out of 5. The game is nice, but I am growing tired of all this useless DLC! It’s no wonder people are disappointed in this bundle! Hopefully, it gets better… This is what, the 3rd time I’ve said this?

What do you think? Is this Humble Bundle a good deal so far, or is it another disappointment? Sound off in the comments below! Or don’t. I’m fine either way…

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