Event: Star Wars:Life Day 2017

Event: Star Wars:Life Day 2017

Once upon a time, on some guy’s blog…..

STAR WARS! It’s Star wars! Who doesn’t love Star Wars!? “I don’t like Star Wars that mu-” *Gets shot by blaster*

To celebrate nothing in particular (Not a certain movie coming out on the 15th), I will review 5 Star Wars games. I can’t wait to talk about Picard, the Enterprise, and Lt. Worf!

I’m sorry- this just in. It says here that confusing Star Wars with Star Trek is no longer funny or relevant. I deeply apologize the 0.5 people I offended with my above statement.

What is Star Wars, you ask? Well this video I found and stole from a bunch of hack frauds will get you up to speed with the adventures of Luke Piewalker, Princess Toadstool, and I’m Solo, I’m Han Solo.

Warning: Some strong language and Hack Fraudy


Anyway, what Star Wars games am I going to review? Well, here’s a list.

December 11, 2017- Star Wars Episode 1 Racer

December 12, 2017- Star Wars: Dark Forces

December 13, 2017- Star Wars (1983 Arcade Game)

December 14, 2017- Star Wars Battlefront 2 ( Classic 2005)

December 15, 2017- Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Evil 2017 Lootbox Edition)

And yes, this event is named after the holiday from that awful Star Wars Christmas special. AM I A NERD YET?

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