Review: Rally-X and New Rally-X

Review: Rally-X and New Rally-X

For my 50th review, we’ll take a look at another one of my favorite arcade games of all time, Rally-X!


Year: 1980/1981

Played on: Xbox 360 (Namco Museum Virtual Arcade)

Also on: Various Namco Museum Compilations

Developer: Namco

Publisher: Midway


The theme from New Rally-X is now playing in your head.


Date posted: December 2, 2017



So, you think that Pac-Man was the only influential game released in the year 1980? Think again, buster brown! In fact, when it was first revealed, many people thought that Rally-X was going to be the game that was going to be the overall quarter muncher- not Pac-Man! Of course, we all know how that turned out. To think, in a alternate universe, their still making Rally-X games- I want to live there, damn it!

Here’s the basic gameplay- you play as a little blue car, but your not racing for sport- but for your life! Red cars are constantly chasing you- your mission is to collect all of the yellow flags while avoiding them, along with watching out for boulders and looking out so your fuel gauge doesn’t run out.

New Rally-X is the better game

New Rally-X is the same game, with some welcome changes, like a new flag that gives you points based on how much fuel you have, and some minor tweaks in the design of the mazes, as well as providing a superior soundtrack.


Did you know that Rally-X was the first game to have background music and a bonus round? Granted, I am not a big fan of the original Rally-X’s music, but damn, New Rally-X’s music is catchy and inviting- it really makes you wanna go into weirdly colored mazes looking for flags!

The game is straight up addicting- there is just something about collecting the flags while avoiding the opposition that feels so damn rewarding, especially in New Rally-X- which, if you have not caught on already, is the best version of the game. The addiction to these damned flags rises when you try to collect them all after collecting the special flag, which pretty much doubles your points, giving you somewhat of an incentive to play recklessly!

Of course, the game gets harder and harder as you progress, just like all Namco arcade games- you start with one or two of the red cars chasing you, and soon, you’ll find them coming from any direction- master the use of the smokescreen and you’ll survive!

The radar is also a nice addition- it really helps you out, and in New Rally-X, it even shows you where the Special flag is! Neat!

I feel as if this map should be more iconic then it is.

I think what makes (New) Rally-X one of my all time favorite games is its simplicity- like PacMan, you can simply pick up and play it- there are no super advanced techniques to be learned or anything like that- just a straight old fashion game you play to see how far you can get, see what score you can achieve. Games like these are a lost art, and it really is a shame that we don’t get anything like this anymore. I know I sound like an old codger (which is funny, because this game came out about 11 years before I was born) but I really do miss the simpler times in gaming, where it was all about getting the high score and having fun- not about 4k graphics, lootboxes, DLC, and microtransactions- just putting in a quarter or two to beat your friends high score. In it’s purest essence, Rally-X is a video game- and that’s all I want it to be.


Okay, there is one big glaring flaw that always comes up- a flaw that I feel keeps the game from achieving greatness. For what ever reason,  whenever you run into a rock or enemy in the bonus rounds, you lose a life. That’s right- in New Rally-X, you can lose a life in the bonus round. I just cannot forgive such a thing- the bonus round is just that- a bonus. There should be no reason why I should lose a life in something that is supposed to be a reward! Imagine in Galaga if the enemy could kill you in the Bonus Stage. How would you feel? It’s a design flaw that I just cannot forgive!

Other then that, the game is great- still can get difficult the longer you play, but it’s a Namco game- it’s pretty much well known by this point!


What else can I say? Rally-X, and by default, New Rally-X is a classic video game that constantly reminds me why I love video games in the first place. New Rally-X is by far the better version. Both don’t need to have lootboxes or fancy graphics to be entertaining, and while it has it’s flaws, it is still an arcade classic that I think everyone should play. Period.


Agree? Disagree? Good! Leave a comment about how terrible my taste is in the comments below!

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