Event: Namco Museum

Event: Namco Museum

Behold, a new event! This week, I will review 7 classic Namco arcade titles- not entire compilations, as the title may suggest. I chose the title because most of these games are on various versions of the hit compilation series, and thought it was a good name for it. I’ll start with the seminal classic, Pac-Man, and review such classics such as Rally X and Bosconian, as well as underrated gems like Dig Dug II and Rolling Thunder. Stay Tuned for classic arcade goodness!


November 27, 2017Pac-Man

November 28, 2017Dig Dug II

November 29, 2017Bosconian

November 30, 2017Rolling Thunder

December 1, 2017Metro Cross

December 2, 2017Rally X

December 3, 2017Xevious


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