Review: Pac-Mania

Review: Pac-Mania

Pac is back, and he is on the attack so don’t talk smack, Jack! I’m a f@#king hack!


Year: 1987

Played on: PS2 via Namco Museum, MAME

Also on: Almost every Namco Museum Compilation and various computers

Developer: Namco

Publisher: Atari Games


[Joke removed by Amount of Hulkmania jokes has reached it limit for this blog]


Date posted: November 23, 2017



While your’re stuffing your face this Thanksgiving, remember Pac-Man- he died for your turkey!

Okay, not really, but I’m off my meds while writing this, so you have to forgive me. (Swallows a bunch of random pills)

Who doesn’t know who Pac-Man is? Even my great uncle George, who lives under a rock, knows who he is, and he’s dead! (Crushed by said rock sadly. RIP Uncle George) Anyway he had quite a few games under his belt (Pac-Man, not my dead uncle!) Strangely enough, though, he had quite a drought in the arcade from 1987 to 1996. Guess he wanted to star in more console games. So what game was the last arcade game for 9 years? Why, it was Pac-Mania, of course! Lets see what’s so manic about it- and why some *COUGHS*Pat the NES punk and his friend, Ian* COUGHS* absolutely loathe it!


The tried and true formula of the original pac-man gets a face-lift- the game sports fancy new 3d-esque graphics- it looks like pacman and the ghosts are coming right out of the screen- and if your on PCP, they indeed do!

The classic gameplay remains classic- go around the mazes, eating all the dots and using power pellets to eat those damned ghosts, which my uncle is one of now. Not only do fruits appear, but now, new powerups appear in the middle- some acting like a power pellet, while others give you a point boost.

It’s classic pacman, but you can jump. Hooray!

The best new ability, however, is the ability to jump! A concept that many people wanted was finally here! Pacman can now bounce over his enemies with great ease- but don’t think for a second that this makes the game easier, or anything- the game is still quite a challenge!

Add to this new ghosts, including a purple one that keeps haunting you, just like my dead uncle! There are also ones that jump when you do, so you have to be careful, or you’ll end up like my uncle- dead and buried in a shallow grave, covered in trash.

Things quickly get hectic, just like Thanksgiving dinner at the Manson household!


Its one of the only pac man arcade games that has an ending that isn’t a killscreen. This means that only after 19 or so levels, your game will come to an end, unless you activate a dipswitch or option for unlimited rounds. This may be a turn off, as many people like their arcade games to be endless, mostly to achieve an unbelievable high-score, especially when pacman is involved. Add to this that’s theres only 4 level themes, and some may feel

Also the game feels more difficult then most pac-man games. By the time you get to round 3, the game becomes hectic, with more then 4 ghosts to contend with, it can become the dark souls of pacman games. This game really demands that you be good at pacman- or else!

The amount of ghosts that seem to be in each level.

Note: Anyone who uses the phrase “Dark Souls of (Blank)” seriously should never review anything and should have all of their fingers chopped off. Now where is that butcher’s knife…..

Finally, the game really doesn’t play as smooth as the original pacman games, but that is a bit understandable. It gets some getting used to, being isometric and all. You have to remember that the game plays from a different perspective. The game also might be a little repetitive… but then so was the original game. Just putting it out there.

Personal Gripe- I don’t think a lot of the console ports, the ones not in the Namco Museum games, are not that great- they look really rough in comparison to the arcade original. I’d advise you stick with the arcade version included in most Namco Museum games if you want an authentic experience.

And they even ripped off Lego! Those frauds!

Also your wrong Pat and Ian. This is a solid pac-man game! I’m burning my copy of ‘a certain NES guide book’, you hacks! (JK I love you guys. Keep up the good work!)


At it’s heart, its still pacman- ghosts chase you, you eat dots, chomp down power pellets, etc. I think there’s plenty here for any of you pac-maniacs out there. If you played the 1980 original and are looking for a new spin for an arcade classic, then Pac-Mania is the pac man game for you!

I’m thankful for this game. See, I knew I could make it about Thanksgiving! Now go run over people and buy s@#t you don’t need!

Also, just kidding- my uncle’s still alive! That’s weird though. Who the hell did I bury?


Agree? Disagree? Good! Leave a comment about how terrible my taste is in the comments below!

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