Review: Garfield: The Search for Pooky

Review: Garfield: The Search for Pooky

You know what? This blog needs more bad games. Here’s one I don’t even own!


Year: 2005

Played on: GBA via VirtualBoyAdvance

Developer: Interactive Vision

Publisher: The Game Factory


Yes, it’s probably¬†worse then the movie.


Date posted: November 18, 2017



You’ll see this picture every time I get lazy and decide to not finish the game because I am a terrible person.

I cheated. Not only did I use an emulator, I went against the rules and didn’t beat the game. Before you say anything, let me make my case against Garfield: The Search for Pooky. IT STINKS!

Garfield, for the five people who don’t know, is a comic strip character created by Jim Davis. He’s a fat orange cat who likes lasagna, but hates Mondays. Hooray.

Even though he’s unfunny, he has quite a following, and has movies, cartoons, books, and what not made based around him. This, sadly, also includes video games- only one or two are worth mentioning (Garfield: Caught in the Act for Sega Genesis and…. and….. crap, I can’t think of anything else!) Everything else, for the most part, is frankly- crap. Today, I will be looking at one of these pieces of crap- Garfield: The Search for Pooky- one of the worst GBA games I every loaded up on VBA because I too, am a cheap piece of garbage- just like this game!

I’d put what you do in the game in this section, but I decided to put most of it in the CONS section below. That’s how much I care about this miserable pile of drivel.

The only other thing is that playing though the GBA library, I came to a horrifying conclusion- The GBA has a lot of s@#tty games on it! Shovelware as far as the eye can see- just as much as the Wii, it seemed. While it had its share of good games, I can see why people consider the GBA so poorly- it just has piles of trash on it! It deserved better- it really did! It defiantly didn’t deserve this s@#t!


The only good things about Garfield:TSFP is that it’s graphics aren’t particularly horrendous and that eventually ends.(at least I hope so!) Yes, the graphics look ripped straight out of the comics- a little TOO ripped- it look like the game designers just cut him out of a still image! Wait a second…. they did, didn’t they! F@#K! This whole game just belongs in the CONS section!

It…look…ok…I think? Also, remember when Garfield had to fight bees? Me neither!


For the first levels of this waking nightmare, your tasked with collecting mice and bringing them to a cage. Sounds like fun? WRONG! The cage is always at the most inconvenient spot you could think of- at least its somewhat consistent, as its always lying on the floor (where this game would probably be if I owned a copy- I imagine throwing it in the garbage, missing, and just leaving it there because I just don’t give a s@#t.) Anyway, the level design, (if you can call it that- it usually means someone actually put some thought into it) is atrocious- just a bunch of platforms you jump though. The only obstacles in your way- bees and crumpled up newspaper- that hurts you. That’s it- that’s most of the game! Trade the bees for random falling objects, and the newspaper for bottomless pits that blend in with the background, and you have a real bad game on your hands!

See that number? 434? Thats how many collectibles their are- in the first set of levels! Why?

There are also collectibles in the form of food. Guess what food wasn’t present. Take a wild f@#king guess. That’s right, billy! Lasagna! His F@#king trademark- non-existent in his game. Maybe it was in one of the unfunny cutscenes that I skipped. Who cares? Nobody is going to play this pile of s@#t- thank god! Not only are there a lot of these non-lasagna collectibles, they don’t seem to do anything. What the f@#k is the point? The first level has 434 of them. 434. What were they thinking? Do they really expect me to collect this s@#t?

This is the last level of the game. Can you tell? IT LOOKS THE F@#KING SAME A LEVEL ONE!!!


Is yes, that’s mostly the entire game- except you stop gathering up mice, thankfully. Instead, you have to make your way though poorly-designed levels with stupid objectives. The level design is consistent through-out- a pile of platforms with piles of s@#t on them- fitting for a pile of s@#t!


As you can probably tell, I hated this game. It was just a lazily designed piece of hot garbage that needs to be avoided. If you want a somewhat decent Garfield game, then just play Garfield: Caught in the Act for the Sega Genesis- the only¬† “good” Garfield media to exist, with maybe the old cartoon (not the new French one that is also hot garbage). Oh and Lasagna Cat. A postmodern masterpiece, if I ever did see one!

“But Champ1822! You didn’t play though it all the way! How can you say its bad!” Look, guy, or whatever your name is- I don’t care! The game gave a really bad impression from the start, and digging around in it made me realize that there is nothing of substance here- I did not need to finish the game to know that it was not worth my time- and your time as well!

You see, life is way too short to be wasting your time playing shitty video games. This is kind of why I started this blog- as a warning. An alert to tell others what I think is good, and what I think is bad. So go out there, and actually play a good game for a change!


Agree? Disagree? Good! Leave a comment about how terrible my taste is in the comments below!

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