Review: Hexion

Review: Hexion

Who would win? A 1992 arcade game, or chemical company based out of Ohio? Read on to find out!


Year: 1992

Played on: Arcade via MAME

Developer: Konami, David Markley

Publisher: Konami


They make Tetris out of anything these days!


Date posted: November 1, 2017



Its 1992! You know what that means!

(Awkward Silence)

You know what that means!


Its time for another Tetris clone! Thankfully this one doesn’t suck!

Hexion is yet another obscure arcade game- something I should know about, seeing how I’m obscure as well. In this game, you control falling hexagons in lumps. How does it play? It’s Tetris with hexagons!

Whoa, what a novel concept! Tetris but [BLANK]!
Look, I know it doesn’t sound that exciting. “Tetris with Hexagons? How absurd!” Some englishmen may say. I then go over to the englishmen and break his monocle. “How dare you judge my taste in obscure arcade games!” I’ll scream. “Time to send you to hell, Mr. Monoply!” What happened next will go down in history of the worst beat down in CiCi’s Pizza history. So much blood. So much pizza…

But I digress. I’m here to talk about obscure arcade games, not talk about my criminal record!

Gameplay is simple. You guide the different shapes made up of hexagons down the screen. Make a line, they disappear. Simple, good clean family fun- something you don’t see everyday on this blog!

After every level, a message appears at the bottom screen with some words of wisdom, or congratulations! If only there was one telling me to go back in time, and not mix bleach with ammonia. Sorry Grandma!

Pretty sure this was my Grandma’s last words to me

A word of note- there is hardly any information about this game. Once again, its a game that does not have a wikipedia article. Look up Hexion, and your’re treated to a bunch of information for a chemical company. Now that’s obscure!


What is there to say? The game is simple and fun! If your looking for a new twist on Tetris, this would be a good option! Just don’t go in expecting many options- its mostly just Marathon style- as you clear lines, it gets faster, etc.

Another cool option is the ability to choose different shapes for the “well”, as you would call it. First, we have this big ass one-

Oh god,is that penguin…. TWERKING!? NO!

A cool continuous one where your pieces go down one well and into the other-

Yep. Its as crazy as it looks

And finally my favorite- one thats all lop sided and s@#t-

Imagine trying to play Tetris at a 45 degree angle

So yeah, theres a bunch of different modes. Hooray.


There are some really annoying sounds in this game. Thankfully, you can choose to play without the sounds, which are some Japanese kids saying random things. Its the second option when the prompt comes up.

Also, the game may just be too simple for some. Its just Tetris with hexagons. Those expecting some kind of end game or reward are going to be sorely disappointed. Its just a simple falling block game, at the end of the day.


In the realm of Tetris clones, I would say Hexion stands out. It may be simple, and somewhat unoriginal in the gameplay apartment, but then again, so are a lot of games that come out today. If your looking for a fun little time waster to play on a coffee or lunch break, then this is the game for you!


Agree? Disagree? Good! Leave a comment about how terrible my taste is in the comments below!

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