Review: Pixel Z- Gun Day

Review: Pixel Z- Gun Day

Part of the 9 days of Heck. Finally, I scrape the bottom of the barrel! Come see what one of the worst games I ever played looks like!


Year: 2016

Played on: PC via Steam

Also on: Android, iOS

Developer: Semen Rodin (I swear, I did not make it up!)

Publisher: Semen Rodin


A terrible game, with a terrible secret.


Date posted: October 26, 2017



A great man once said, “We must love each other, or we must die.” Then Semen Rodin came along and said “F@#K THAT!” and released Pixel Z- Gun Day on Steam. Ever since, the world has been in complete and utter disarray.

Bought for a mere 0.49 cents, you think that I would have gotten my money’s worth. But then you realized you could of have bought a soda from a WalMart vending machine, and suddenly, regret hits you like some sort of wet fish, especially when you boot up the game.

Nice engrish their, bucko. Or was it intentional?

The game is your atypical crafting survival game, except it sucks. Read’em and weep, kids, heres your “content”.

  • Three enemy types! Zombie, Black Zombie, and Sheep for some reason!
  • Three kinds of tools! An axe, A hammer, and a machete! Nothing else!
  • Various kinds of weapons! It doesn’t matter- Zombies keep re spawning anyway!
  • Nine types of building blocks! Enough to make sub-standard housing!
  • Two crafting materials- Wood and Metal Fragments! HOORAY!
  • 3 maps- one plain of non-existence, one poorly thought out town, and a bunch of blocks cascading as a multiplayer death match level! Wow-wee!

Now is there anything good about this piece of garbage?


Actually, I didn’t think the building system was all that bad. It’s just incredibly basic. All you can build is weirdly shaped houses that always square. It is hard to build anything else. There are no real customization options, so all of the houses are the same color, and have the same features.

Behold, my own crappy fortress! Also, I got stuck.

I guess the main map isn’t that bad as I described above, and actually some variety if you bother to look around, but I couldn’t shake that it had been copied from somewhere…

I then started to do some digging of my own.


What can I say about this game? Everything is half-baked and doesn’t work correctly. Sure, you can build stuff, but You will always find your self clipping into buildings, stuck, praying for the sweet release of death, like I do in real life. You go into a place populated by zombies, and they follow you to the ends of the earth, so if you don’t have a base of some kind at the get go, then your pretty much screwed. Most of the time you have to scavenge for an axe or machete, as you can’t collect wood from trees without them.

Another feature that pisses me off are these computers laying around. What purpose do they serve. Guess. Just Guess. If you said “Opens a webpage telling you to download something or possibly some kind of ad” then your’re the winner! I have no idea what purpose these computers serve, but shame, SHAME on the developers for sinking so low as to put advertisements in a game that you have to pay for!

For what purpose?

The game has no goal. You just see how long you can survive, or how long you can play before quiting.

But now it is time. Time to learn the truth.

Pixel Z- Gun Day is NOT Semen Rodin’s game. Semen Rodin probably doesn’t even exist! He truly is Keyser Soze of the game world. “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is convincing people into buying this shitty game!”

You see, all the assets of Pixel Z- Gun Day were flipped. On the Unity storefront, you can buy assets to use in your own games, and then sell said games. However, most people who make these assets plead other to use it to make their own unique content, as to not cause stagnation. But Semen did not give a shit, and just put the game out on Steam anyway. Thankfully, there are several people, including myself, calling him out on his bullshit. But like I said, he may not even exist…

Untitled 5
Look familiar?

Link to the assets in question- UnitZ UNET

Also, apparently the multiplayer doesn’t work either. Way to go kid. Way to go…


Pixel Z- Gun Day is a shameless asset flip done for a quick buck. Do not let the cheap price this game goes for fool you- a piece of garbage. You may able to build houses and explore a bit, but it isn’t the price of your dignity and self respect. Use that fifty cents to a dollar on a soda or something, not on this piece of crap.


Agree? Disagree? Good! Leave a comment about how terrible my taste is in the comments below!

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