Review: Eversion (Free 2008 version)

Review: Eversion (Free 2008 version)

Part of the 9 Days of Heck. A total normal platformer. Why do people find this scary?


Year: 2008

Played on: Windows

Also on: Linux, Mac OSX

Developer: Zarasutra Productions

Publisher: Zarasutra Productions


Charming? Yes. Scary? No.


Date posted: October 24, 2017




Eversion is a simple platfomer made by, the last time I checked, a single person. Its a very cute and casual game, that has a dark secret. The dark secret in question? The game is pretty good!

Like I said, it’s a simple game. You go around the levels, collecting gems and bopping enemies on their heads- your standard platform fare. You can also collect gems from blocks by hitting ala Mario Bros, but there seems to be no powerups to be found.


However, you character, named Zee Tee, has the ability to change the environment around him, changing some blocks and such so he can progress. You can only do this in certain areas though, as doing this anywhere could probably break the game!


The game is just a delight to play! Over 7 levels, you will jump over enemies, chasms, and the like to reach your goal, the princess! Everything is cheery throughout- theres always that blue sky, and the enemies are always smiling. Except that damn squid! These creatures pop out of chasms at certain points, and you really have to watch out for them!

Watch out for the squid! It’ll (DATA EXPUNGED)

You also get chased by spikes of all things, and have to maneuver your way to safety. I really didn’t see these things coming, and boy, was such a thrill (with darkness and silence though the night)!


The ability to change the environment paves way for a lot of creative puzzles. You have to go back and forth in some levels in order to progress. It really well executed, and I applaud the devs, (or in this cause Developer) for such well done game design!


I was told beforehand, that this game would surprise me on how scary it is. But none of the scares came! I think a bunch of people were messing with me; shame on them! This is a cute and bouncy platfomer throughout, no spooky hands trying to grab you, or enemies exploding into blood. What the hell? Was my copy bugged? I was promised one hell of a scary adventure, not adventures in Barney’s world. I can’t believed I was duped! Also, the game is very short, but it is so so sweet.



At the end of the day, Eversion is a simple but fun platformer, one that I actually recommended to everyone! Like Penumbra, I recommend you go into this one blind, as I think there are a lot of fun and exciting moments that I don’t want to spoil!

I made a weird poem to commemorate it!

Do your self a favor!

Or do you not?


Never mind that!

Or will you?

To be honest, you should!


Please play this!

Let’s be friends!

And to you, a good day!

You should go now.


It is getting dark.

Trouble awaits.

BONUS: Video of the game in action!


Agree? Disagree? Good! Leave a comment about how terrible my taste is in the comments below! Also, send help.

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