Event: Nine Days of Heck

Event: Nine Days of Heck

From now until Halloween, I will be posting a spooky game review every day! Will you be able to handle nine of the “scariest” games of all time, or will you end up in my basement just like those kids at the local park? I have already said too much! Now if you can excuse me, I have some children to hack up. I also killed the dog, took out grandma, threatened the garbage man, and flipped off a taco truck. Someone lock me up!

I’ll list the reviews here once they go up.

October 23, 2017- Penumbra: Overture and Black Plague

October 24, 2017- Barbie’s Horse Adventures (GBA)

October 25, 2017- Beast Busters

October 26, 2017- Pixel Z- Gun Day

October 27, 2017- Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles

October 28, 2017- Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 1

October 29, 2017- Resident Evil 6

October 30, 2017- Silent Hill 2

October 31, 2017- Monika!

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