Welcome to my terrible opinions!

Welcome to my terrible opinions!

The goal of this blog is simple. MONEY. Oh wait, i’m sorry its about my terrible opinions pertaining to video games. A high end concept, I’m sure! Anyway, I will be reviewing games I played, and it could be anything. ANYTHING! As long as it’s related to video games, because lets face it- I not good at anything… Why are you laughing? That wasn’t a joke….

The focus, for the most part, is weird, niche, and strange titles you really don’t see on your mama’s review site, along with reviews of well known games now and then.

Alright, so there are some ground rules I have made for myself-

  • Every game I review must be played to completion. Unless I am a weenie. Then I will state if I am a weenie and did not complete the game.
  • No cheating! If anyone catches me cheating while playing these games, please feel free to report me to the “No One Cares You Cheated Foundation”, or NOCYCF for short.
  • Expect at least one new review each and everyday-even if I have to lie and make a review for a game that doesn’t exist!
  • The reviews HAVE to be funny. You know what, you can ignore this one.

In my next post, I will talk about my review system, and why its the worst review system on the internet at the moment in time- yes, even worse then IGN’s. Its that bad! Remember, you can’t spell Ingot without IGN! (That’s the saying, right? IGN is all about metal making, correct?)

Also, expect a lot of errors, as I have no editor- its just me, myself, bad grammar, misspelled words, and run-on sentences! My English teacher’s going to kill me!

I hope you use this blog to form your own opinions, and I am always open to feedback, so leave a comment anywhere and everywhere you want! I’m sure to have an unfunny and not witty response waiting for any and all criticism!

Go Capitalism!

Why the hell did I write that?

An added bonus! I actually got the one, the only, Charles Barkley to review my blog! Hear what he has to say in his lengthy review below!

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